Release: Sketch Designer (and info on the hiatus of other projects)

Sketch Designer was originally designed for Forza titles to aid in logo design, and is still aimed more for those, however it can still be used in other games with a similar feature.
This software allows you to overlay an image on top of the game window with your desired transparency and size to allow you to easily trace it. Unlike other alternatives to this software, the image overlay is separate from the window where you set its properties (size, transparency, etc.) and also allows you to control whatever is beneath it with a tick of a checkbox. This means that the overlay can be on top of the game, and still use your mouse to control things underneath the overlay.

Click here to see Sketch Designer

About what happened to my other projects, and why they aren’t being updated.
The two most popular projects that I’ve made, are The Sims 4 Mod Manager (TS4MM) and No Man’s Sky Save Editor (NMSSE). These two projects rely on the version of the game they are for. If the game is updated in such a way that requires me to change how the software does something, then I have to updated it so that it’s compatible with that version. Sometimes this happens at a point where I’ve played enough of the game that I just kind of get burnt out, and it no longer interests me. Because of this, it is difficult to find any motivation to keep supporting it, even though I don’t play that game anymore. That doesn’t mean I’m not grateful to everyone that has used my software.

In the case of Sketch Designer; it doesn’t really rely on any particular version of a game, and can be used for any game that has a vector-esque shape editor. I will probably be focusing more on software like that in the future.