No Man’s Sky Save Editor


No Man’s Sky Save Editor is a tool used to easily modify save files.



• Health
• Shield
• Units
• Ship health
• Multi-Tool ammo
• Ship type and seed
• Weapon seed
• Ship and player inventory slot count
• Known tech
• Known products



• Player inventory editor
• Ship inventory editor
• Known words
• Weapon inventory slot count






Version Change Log

• Updated to support NMS 1.2
• Removed the JSON editor added in the previous update (may or may not be added at a later time when/if I fix it entirely). The text editor has been left as-is.
• Removed ship and freighter types.
• Removed ship and freighter seeds.
• Removed ship and weapon inventory slots.
• Added new known technology and products.

• Removed theme.
• Added new JSON editor.
• Added support for freighter type.
• Added support for freighter seed.
• Added “max” buttons next to all numeric stats, along with a “Max All” button in the tools dropdown.
• Reload button now refreshes the open menu.
• Renamed “Raw JSON Editor” button to “JSON Editor” and moved it from “Advanced” to bottom of tools dropdown.
• Fixed crash when trying to load a save that contains known items added by a mod.
• Minor internal changes.

• Updated to support NMS 1.1

• Internal changes.
• Added weapon inventory slots value.
• Added option in Settings to enable/disable auto-backup of save files.
• Added button in Tools to generate a seed for ship or weapon.
• Added button in Tools to clear waypoints.
• Changed open menu so that a * will appear next to the most recently saved slot.
• Known tech and product lists now show their in-game names as well as the ID.
• Removed old dialog for adding new tech and product IDs in favor of a new dialog that presents a list of tech or products that are not in the known list.
• Can now view and edit the raw JSON from within the app.

• Fixed save resetting with GOG saves.
• Values will not be overwritten if they are not changed.

• Fixed issue where users with non-Steam installations had to choose NMS’s install path every time they start the editor.
• Added a “Backups” button in the Tools>Open folder… menu which opens the backups folder.
• Fixed (hopefully) issue where user’s ship inventories were reset when changing amount of slots.
• Changed so that the save file will be reloaded after clicking the save button.

• Fixed issue where some values could not be set if over a certain amount, resulting in an error when loading a save.
• Ship types with a * next to it indicate that your game will crash if you set it to that type.

• Beta release




Requires .NET Framework 4.6 or higher.