Skyrim Batch Manager


Skyrim Batch Manager is a management application for batch files. A batch file (in terms of Skyrim), is a text file with a collection or list of commands that could be used in the in-game console. When using the syntax “bat <batch name>” on the in-game console, it will run all of the commands that are in the batch file. The batch file also has to be in the game directory for it to be functional in-game. This application is meant to make management of these batch files easier by allowing you to edit them and/or inject them into the game directory at will.



Version Change Log

• Fixed startup error
• Added syntax highlighting
• Added a Skyrim ID Database
• Added buttons in “Tools” menu for launching Skyrim and/or SKSE
• Removed updater, a notification will now tell you when there is an update, and lead you to this thread post
• Changed the “About” window
• Fixed other miscellaneous bugs

• Complete re-write of Skyrim Batch Manager
• Optimized code
• Bug fixes

• Fixed startup/converter error
• Ctrl+Shift+C will now open the converter

• Yes, I skipped a whole version.
• Removed a .0 from the version number
• Added a save converter
• Added an updater
• Removed recursive scan at startup
• Added option to choose Skyrim’s install directory in place of recursive scan
• Small bug fixes
• Initial release


Requires .NET Framework 4.5 – Download Here