• ADn

    I like your save editor for NMS. I’m a senior C# developer and I would like to contribute to your project. Write me back and let’s move save editor to the next level!

    • Hi, please join this Discord server I created for NMSSE. It’s more convenient to talk there.

      • Valerio Mentella

        will you update it for 1.1?

        • The encryption has changed, and I was not the one who created the decryption method that I used for the previous versions’s save files. Unfortunately, something like the process of finding how a save was encrypted is not my area of expertise.

          So no, unless someone figures out how to decrypt a save file for the current version of NMS, I will not be able to update NMSSE.

          • Valerio Mentella

            oh oke thanks 🙂

  • foldingcorpse

    somehow the sims 4 mod manager got messed up and screwed my game up so had to delete everything both in mod manager and mod folder

    • That’d be worrisome if the mod manager was actually capable of doing something like that. But it isn’t, since all it does is manage your mods, and has nothing to do with any other aspect of the game.

      Your game got ‘screwed up’ either because of human error or some mod you installed.

      • foldingcorpse

        no I know how to add mods to my game,been using the mods for ages in the sims so ask before comment something like that or MOVE ON next time and NOT reply at all

        • Why so sensitive? I never said you didn’t know how to install mods, nor did I imply it.

          We all make mistakes, and all I was saying was that you may have made one, or that a mod you installed was the cause of your game being “screwed up”.

  • Freedom Deep

    Thanks so much for Mod Manager – it truly makes playing with mods a joy instead of a chore.

  • Nonsense X

    Last version don`t start. Win 10 x64, i5 4670, MSI z87 GD65 Gaming, ram 16 Gb Crucial Ballistix Elite, Msi GTX970 gaming 4G, free space more than 2Tb

  • John

    NMSSE works GREAT! I just donated by Paypal as a way to say THANK YOU!

  • Emma Edwards

    I use the mod manager but some of the mods and custom content don’t seem to work. The main one being the pregnancy mega mod. I have the scripted mods turned on in the game menu, any idea what I’m doing wrong?

  • A_Pig

    I am struggling with something that I have not found anyone else asking about. I put my Sims directory on a hard drive other than my primary and I am not able to select the mod directory folder. I cannot modify the destination path in the settings and the popup window does not pull up the correct directory nor will it allow me to browse. How can I select the correct directory? Thank you.

    • Kramer42

      I’m also wondering about that, did you ever find a solution?